SiMoney Meals

The aim of this blog is not to lecture you on not spending $300 on a Saturday night or becoming a minimalist. Go here for that.

This blog will show you how to cook easy, delicious and cheap af meals at home. Saving you time and money.

These recipes aren’t all my own, they are taken from all over the internet and altered where needed.

Shopping Tips

1. Cooking on the cheap takes time for planning, so make time.

2. Buy food when it’s in season. Purchase most of your fruit and veg from farmer’s markets and when they are on special at the supermarket. This makes cooking significantly cheaper. Similarly with your pantry (olive oil, spices etc), only stock up when things are on special.

3. When shopping, do a quick scan in store or online of whats on special . Then Google recipes that combine those ingredients.

4. I usually visit the shops twice a week. It helps reduce food wastage and gets me inspired by whats left in the fridge.

5. Finally, it is easy to spend $40 on a meal for two at the supermarket. Reduce this cost my finding recipes that use leftover ingredients the next night. This reduces both cost and food waste. I try to put links on how I used my leftovers below each recipe.

Our Goal

It sounds simple but I haven’t always shopped like that. Previously, $150+ on food per week was common for me and my partner, including meals out. Now we’re spending under $60. The aim is to have home cooked meals Monday to Friday, and pocket the estimated $5000 in savings.

Hopefully this blog will help you achieve something similar.


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