$1.95 Sweet Potato Tuna Patties


This recipe is by no means gourmet. It is however a cheap and wonderful midweek meal.

Makes: 4+ serves (8 large patties)


500g Sweet potato $0.85
Peanut Oil $0.50
½ Bunch of shallots $1.00
2 Clove of garlic $0.25
1 Egg $0.50
3 x 95g Cans of tuna $3.75
½ Cup bread crumbs $0.30
⅓ Bunch of parsley $0.50
2 Tablespoons flour $0.05

Per meal




Cut potatoes into mashable chunks, and boil until soft. Finely slice the garlic, parsley and spring onion (white and light green part only). Mash potatoes and mix in tuna, spring onions, parsley, garlic, breadcrumbs, and egg until well combined. Form mixture into 8 patties and coat with flour. Heat up peanut oil in pan and fry patties until coloured on both sides, approximately 3 minutes on both sides.

Serve with a side salad.


If the mixture is too wet, add some flour and more breadcrumbs.

This picture originally came from Primavera Kitchen


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